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Wonderful Wisdom

Lisa is a lovely, kind, caring coach who has provided me with many invaluable tips on how to meet men more easily. I now feel like I am meeting men and am in a very different mindset than when I first started taking a stab at the dating world again. If you feel stuck in love and dating, I highly recommend Lisa!

S. N.

Amazing Dating Coach

Lisa is an amazing dating and life coach. She is very straightforward with me and at the same time I do feel her heartfelt caring for me. Lisa is teaching me to be a stronger, healthier dater and to really raise the bar on the men I date. I love her style and caring. I have learned not only about dating men, but also how to show up more courageous and powerful for myself. I am excited about the process of dating now!!

L. B.

She is so very intuitive!

Lisa really knows this segment of counseling. She herself is happily married and teaches others how to trod through the muck to find the one that is the right one for you, know what you want, and realize how you can approach things differently particularly if you have kept doing the same things and they have not provided the desired results. I believe with Lisa I will get there this time!

S. M.


Amazing Lisa

After talking to Lisa several times on the phone and getting amazing and thoughtful direction on my new path of dating again after 30 years I realized I needed to have a coaching session in person. I so enjoyed meeting Lisa! Not only is she a beautiful person, inside and out, she is a wonderful dating coach full of insightful suggestions and quality advice. And to top it off she has a great eye and includes taking beautiful photos of you for your online dating profile with her services!

A. C.


Lisa is the best. She is so positive and solutions based. Totally changed my perspective on dating and life in general. Thanks Lisa!

Y. S.

Lisa Shield Perceptive and Effective

In my initial consult, Lisa was able to size up my situation and give pertinent and empathetic advice on it. The confidence and validation I gained from that first meeting were invaluable and I would highly recommenced her services.


Fabulous and Honest Coach

Lisa is amazing and genuine. I felt heard by her and she helped me to gain some clarity and direction on my dating life. She is the real deal and can help you move forward if that is what you desire.

J. M.

Pitch perfect coaching!!!

Thank you so much Lisa. I will always be forever grateful to you for helping me transform my fear of dating into joyful experiences :)

T. F.


Found love thanks to Lisa

Lisa is a very skilled and talented coach. She is so easy to talk to and I felt comfortable with her right away. I bought a series of coaching sessions from her and after the first 4 sessions I met a wonderful man that I’ve been in a relationship with for over a year. I don’t think I would have understood what I was doing wrong in my dating life had it not been for Lisa. She was able to pinpoint some of my issues and steer me in the right direction very quickly. She’s a teacher and friend.

Autumn R

Wonderfully the Best

I’ve worked with Lisa for several years. She helped to guide me through the dating experience and cultivate valuable relationship skills. During my dating journey, I did tremendous self work to ultimately make the changes I needed to. And…I am now a married mother!! Lisa can help you with self reflection on your own journey to help you live the life you envision.


Lisa Makes Me Feel Very Comfortable

I feel like I can be completely honest with her. She has a unique talent to make me feel comfortable and understood. I leave our sessions with homework and a direction. I recommend her to all of my friends.


The objective third voice.

I can’t say enough about how great Lisa is when it comes to deciphering the complexity that occurs between two people trying to sort out relationship issues. I have seen her both one on one as well as in couples sessions. She always seems to have a way of seeing things that strips away the layers in order to get at what is really going on. I would recommend any couple that is going through hard times or even just trying to find their way along together to meet with Lisa. It’s worth it.